Find The Right Laminator For You


Which Laminator Should I Choose?

This guide provides useful information and key considerations to help you make an informed decision and find the best laminator for you.

Laminators come in a wide range of designs and sizes with various features and capabilities. Therefore, it’s important to find the right type of laminator for your needs. If looked after properly, a laminating machine is also a great investment as they can last up to 30 years!


What Is Lamination?

Lamination is a simple process using a machine that allows you to protect, preserve and enhance documents with a long lasting, durable plastic coating. 

Lamination is an effective technique used to make documents look professional, and to safeguard them against creases, tears, spills, fingerprints and everyday use.

There are three key types of laminating machines; pouch laminators, a fully automatic laminator and roll laminators. 

Roll laminators are more suited to commercial environments as they are intended for high-volume laminating; often for larger items such as banners and posters.

Types Of Laminating Machines

Types Of Laminating Machines

Types Of Laminating Machines

Types Of Laminating Machines

Key Benefits Of Laminating


Lamination protects documents from wear and tear and from damage caused by frequent handling, liquid spillages, finger prints, dirt and so on. It keeps documents in excellent condition by sealing them in a watertight plastic coating.


Laminating is a great way to preserve your documents by improving the quality and keeping them in excellent condition, for frequent handling now and in the future. 


Lamination is long-lasting as it prolongs the life of any document and extends its usefulness. A laminated document can be easily wiped clean, helping to maintain a pristine appearance and legibility of text.

Professional appearance:

Any printed materials that you produce and distribute reflect your business and your brand, such as brochures, presentation materials, restaurant menus or signage. Laminating these documents helps to build a respectable and professional brand image.

Perfectly enhances:

Lamination perfectly enhances any printed material, amplifying the depth and richness of the ink to improve colour contrast, which results in an all-over better quality and brightness of print.