How to Prepare Your Workplace for the Return to Work


How to Prepare Your Workplace for the Return to Work

Returning to work after a period of absence or remote working can leave both employees and managers feeling apprehensive. Simple preparations such as a phased return to work, scheduling a return to work meeting or making flexible work arrangements can make the transition easier for everyone. Laminated business signs displayed clearly throughout the workplace can also disseminate important information to employees on their return.


Hygiene and Healthcare

As a result of Covid-19, many businesses are having to adapt to new and safer ways of working. Frequent handwashing, additional PPE and social distancing measures have become the norm. Anxiety about the return to work is common for many, and employers are advised to update health and safety policies that reflect enhanced safe working practices following lockdown. Increased cleaning, larger individual work areas and a positive work environment are all necessary to support the transition from lockdown to work. When returning to work, employees will require a designated desk area or workspace rather than hot desking using shared desks.


Signage throughout the workplace is beneficial for encouraging the health and safety of employees. Laminated information can remind workers not to touch their face, or to disinfect their immediate work area including phones, keyboards or door handles as necessary. Laminated signs can also be easily wiped clean and disinfected regularly. GBC offers free downloadable sign templates via our Signmaker website which can be customised to suit your organisation and the communication messages that you require.


The display of health and wellness information throughout a workplace helps to support a positive healthy culture and mindset; particularly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Posters or signage that encourage eating well, exercise and rest can easily be displayed to promote emotional wellbeing amongst those returning to work after absence for any reason.


Sickness Absence

Long term sickness can occur as a result of physical or mental ill-health. The return to work might be a helpful step on the road to recovery and can help an employee return to good health. However, it can also be a time of self-doubt or anxiety. 


Employers can take steps to be caring and empathetic to employees who have much to offer the company. For those who have been absent for an extended period, discussions about gradually increasing working hours and flexible working, including home working, can be beneficial.


Seasonal Absence

If you have certain peak periods that are busier than others, such as Christmas, you may have seasonal employees who re-join the skeleton team. Skills that were once second nature may have been forgotten during the intervening months, and visual reminders in the workplace can help staff to restart their role more efficiently and productively. 


Office signage including health and safety advice, guides to operating machinery or checklists can all be displayed to prompt employees. Using a laminator prolongs the lifespan of workplace documents, and laminated signs can remain in pristine condition for many years. Documents are also protected against spillages, dirt, and fingerprints. Lamination gives a professional appearance for customer or client facing businesses including shops, cafes and restaurants.


Effective Office Solutions

To create professional office signage that supports the return to work transition, GBC has a range of laminators to suit all businesses. We are a global leader in lamination and have recently launched the world’s first fully automatic laminator; Foton 30. The GBC Foton 30 significantly improves productivity by saving 98% of your time laminating compared to using a traditional laminator machine. At the touch of a button you can automatically laminate up to 30x A3 or A4 sheets in one go; providing fast and professional results whilst improving hygiene and safety due to fewer touch points. 


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