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Service Team

ACCO Care Technical Services is a dedicated and specially trained team that provides the care and support needed to effectively maintain your ACCO business machines.

The team is on hand to assist you with aftersales support, warranty claims, servicing and repairs. Providing peace of mind that your business critical machines will remain efficient and productive. Limiting any impact on your business.

Contact our customer service team! Give us a call on 0800 279 5102 or email us at

Maintenance Contracts

We offer three levels of service. Contact us to discuss your needs.

0800 279 5102


Unlimited coverage*
For parts, labour and travel expenses

Yes Yes Yes

Response time**
Time it takes for a service expert to be at your doorstep

Next working day 2 working days 3 working days
Annual health check visit
A scheduled maintenance visit where equipment is cleaned, lubricated and calibrated
Yes Yes Yes

Help desk phone support
Quick, step-by-step answers when you have questions

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* Excludes repairs due to neglect or misuse
** Working days

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Services we offer

  • Dedicated after sales support for ACCO business machines. Including Shredders, Laminators, Binders, Punches, Trimmers & Air Purifiers under the Rexel, Leitz and GBC brands
  • Assistance with warranty issues, directly from the manufacturer. No need for reseller or retailers to be involved in the process
  • FREE warranty repairs on larger machines, undertaken by dedicated nationwide team of engineers. Repairs outside of warranty available at competitive prices (Excluding Northern Ireland)
  • Service and maintenance of non-ACCO branded machines available on request. Contact us for further information
  • Maintenance contracts available with three levels of coverage to suit your needs and budget


Protect your investment with ACCO Care


With next working day response times* ACCO Care aims to have your machine(s) back up and running as quickly as possible


ACCO Care gives you the peace of mind that comes with working with a global leader in the office/home office solutions market


With over 100 years combined experience working with our machines, the ACCO Care team knows everything about how to get you back up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible

Qualifying Products

   Foton 30 automatic laminator



Name   Model no.
GBC Foton 30 Automatic A3 Laminator   4410011
GBC Ultima 35   4410020
GBC Ultima 65   1712000
GBC Catena 35   1712001
GBC Catena 65   1712002
GBC 3600 Pro Laminator   1703600
GBC 4600 Pro Laminator   1704600

   GBC comBIND binder



Name   Model no.
GBC WireBind W18   2101440
GBC WireBind W20   4400426
GBC WireBind W25E   4400427
GBC MultiBind 220   IB271090
GBC MultiBind 230   4400423
GBC MultiBind 320   IB271076
GBC MultiBind 420   4400435
GBC CombBind® C210E   4401927UK
GBC CombBind® C230E   4400424 
GBC CombBind® C250Pro   IB271403
GBC CombBind® C366   2101434
GBC CombBind® C366E   2101435
GBC CombBind® C450E   4400421
GBC CombBind C800   IB275913 
GBC SureBind® System 1   7705260
GBC SureBind® System 2   9707051
GBC SureBind® System 3   9707101 
GBC Veloblind System 1   9780160 
GBC Veloblind System 2   9707029
GBC Veloblind System 3   9780170 

   GBC magnapunch



Name   Model no.
GBC Magnapunch 1.0    
GBC Magnapunch 2.0    
GBC Magnapunch PRO   3300730
GBC EP28    
GBC MP2500IX Modular Punch   7704370 
GBC MP2000 PB Comb Punch   7706110 
GBC MP2000 C4 Comb Punch   7706010 
GBC MP2000 W3 Comb Punch   7706060 

   GBC modular wire closer



Name   Model no.
TL2600 Modular Wire Closer   7301220 
TL2900 Modular Wire Closer   4401998 
PB2600 Modular Electric Comb Closer   7301010 
CC2270 Modular Electric Coil Closer   7301090 

Don't see you product on the list? Contact our customer service team.



0800 279 5102

9:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday


*Service packages available only in England, Scotland and Wales. Click here for a full list of terms and conditions.