ClickBind Spine GBC A4 34R 8mm

Binding doesn't get any easier! Designed for use with ClickBind machines and compatible with any WireBind system, GBC ClickBind spines add a stylish and durable finish to any document. Documents fold back fully for photocopying, and you can quickly edit them using a special tool to unzip the spine. Colour: frosted clear. Spine: 8mm. For up to 45 sheets. A4 format. Pack size: 50.
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Environmentally friendly: made from polypropylene, ClickBind™ spines are fully recyclable

Editable and reusable: simply unzip the spine of bound documents to remove or replace individual pages, or use the spine again for a new document

ClickBind is an easy, modern and stylish choice for document binding.


Code 387302E
Color Transparent
Weight 0.28