GBC HighSpeed Laminating Pouch

Suitable for use with any A3 size Laminator, A4 HighSpeed Laminating Pouches feed in along the long edge for fast, accurate loading and up to a 30% quicker laminating time. Helpful alignment guides, micron width icons and directional load arrows ensure perfect loading. Ideal for when time is of the essence! 2x80 Micron. A4 format.
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Lamination is really fast and easy with HighSpeed Laminating Pouches

Alignment guide takes the frustration out of centering documents

Micron icons identify pouch thickness for most suitable laminator settings

Arrow sign shows which direction to load pouch into laminator to prevent misfeeds

All HighSpeed Pouches feed on the long edge to save time

Available in A4 size for use with A3 Laminators only


Code ib049033
Colour clear
For Format 216x303
Weight 1.09