GBC Foton 30 Refill 100 Micron Gloss Lamination Roll For Refillable Cartridge

GBC refill 100 micron lamination roll for use with the Foton 30 refillable cartridge (item 4410024). The quality gloss finish keeps your documents bright and bold; ideal for posters, signs, photos and more. Laminates up to 190x A4 sheets.
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Refill laminating roll for 100 micron refillable film cartridge (item 4410024).

Laminates up to 190x A4 sheets. Also suitable for A3 size documents.

Reduce running costs for Foton 30 vs a standard film cartridge.

Easy to refill 100 micron cartridge; providing effortless laminating roll replacement and efficiency.

Easily laminate large posters, signs, photos, odd shapes and more.

Foton 30 sensors automatically detect film thickness and adapts settings when cartridge is loaded.

Protect and preserve your documents with a high gloss finish to keep colours bright and bold.

The 100 micron thickness protects your documents whilst retaining flexibility.


Code 4410027
Colour ------------
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 310 x 80 x 190
Pouch Thickness (microns) 100
For Format A4
Weight 2.69