GBC ThermaBind® T400 Thermal Binder

Designed for medium to high volume use, the ThermaBind® T400 adds a stylish ‘perfect bound’ look to documents and presentations. The simple controls include adjustable heat settings, a variable timer and an integral cooling tray. Binds up to 400 x 80gsm A4 sheets in a single document or a series of smaller ones simultaneously.
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Binds up to 400 (80gsm) sheets using 40mm ThermaBind covers®

So simple to operate

Select the right size cover using the size guide

Put the document to be bound into a cover

Select the correct heat setting for the size of cover chosen

Place the document and cover into the heated binding channel

Document support rail aid binding of smaller documents or multiple documents simultaneously

The glue in the spine of the covers melts in 40 to 120 seconds depending on the size of the cover

Audio and visual signals confirm the heating cycle is complete.

Transfer to the cooling tray where the document binds neatly and securely with the cover

2 year guarantee


Code 4400411
Colour black
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 150 x 290 x 480
Max. Binding Capacity (80gsm paper) 400 sheets
Spine Size (mm) 40 mm
Operation Mode Electric
Pre-Heating Time 4 min
For Format A4
Weight 2.16