GBC ProClick Binding Spines Cartridge

Binding doesn't get any easier! Specially designed for the revolutionary ProClick Pronto P3000 system, ProClick Binding Spines take up to 45 sheets and are packed into 5 pre-loaded cartridges of 20, saving you valuable time. Documents fold back easily for perfect photocopying, and you can quickly edit them using a special tool to unzip the spine. Colour: white. 8mm. Pack size: 5 x 20.
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Pre-loaded ProClick® cartridges hold 20 units each, so you don’t waste time loading individual binding spines

A six second binding cycle that binds up to 450 documents per hour

The ProClick Pronto® P3000 system offers integrated punching capability and automatic binding of the ProClick spine

Available in 3 sizes - Small (8mm), Medium (12mm) and Large (16mm) - and can bind up to 100 sheets in one go

Editable and reusable: simply unzip the spine of bound documents to remove or replace individual pages, or use the spine again for a new document

Environmentally friendly: made from Polypropylene, ProClick® spines are fully recyclable

Modern and stylish design: ProClick® is the contemporary choice for binding professional documents

Easy to use and highly versatile

The P3000 provides professional, high-speed binding suitable for a multitude of shared office environments


Code 4400004
Colour brown
Weight 1.69