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WireBind Spines

  • WireBind Binding Wires

    Suitable for use on all WireBind machines, WireBind Binding Wires add a high quality, contemporary finish to documents that require permanent binding. Stylish and durable, these 34-loop wires are available in 3 colours and a range of sizes to take up to 125 sheets. Once bound, pages can be...

  • WireBind & ClickBind PVC File Strips (100)
    WireBind & ClickBind PVC File Strips (100)

    Binding doesn't get any simpler! Finished documents frequently need storing, archiving or organising for later reference or updating. The GBC FileStrip is a simple way to enable bound documents to be incorporated into almost any conventional organisational or archiving solution - such as a ring...


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