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Clear Binding Covers

  • PolyClearView Binding Covers

    Made from tough, recyclable polypropylene, PolyClearView Binding Covers provide a durable semi-clear front to protect and enhance A4 document title pages. They are available in a choice of gauges and textured finishes to present a professional, stylish image every time and are spill and scratch...

  • HiClear Binding Covers

    Made from durable crystal-clear PVC, HiClear Binding Covers add a premium finishing touch to any document, displaying the title page to its best effect while protecting the document contents. Available in various pack sizes in clear or super clear finish, HiClear Covers come in different sizes...

  • ColorClear Binding Covers

    Made from clear coloured A4 PVC, ColorClear Binding Covers add a bright finishing touch to any document without obscuring the title page. Available in a choice of colours, ColorClear Covers are medium weight for durability and allow you to colour coordinate a presentation along with...

  • PolyTechno Binding Covers A4 700 Mic A4 Textured White (50)
    PolyTechno Binding Covers A4 700 Mic A4 Textured White (50)

    Binding doesn't get any simpler! PolyTechno™ approaches your creative work as if it should last for ever! This super-tough, 700-micron polypropylene cover can stand up to the roughest handling and comes with an attractive, highly grained surface that is both waterproof and scratch-proof to...

  • HiGloss & HiClear Cover Combi Pack

    To add that finishing touch to your presentations, this HiGloss & HiClear Cover Combi pack pairs a HiClear 180 micron front cover with a HiGloss 250gsm back cover. Available in packs of 50 (25 x each kind).


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