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StripBind Spines

  • SureBind Binding Strips

    Designed for use with GBC SureBind machines when you need a fully secure binding solution, SureBind Binding Strips feature 10 pins that form a permanent bond to keep confidential reports and classified documents safe and tamper-proof. Available in a choice of colours and 3 sizes, they can bind...

  • SureBind PVC File Strips (100)
    SureBind PVC File Strips (100)

    Binding doesn't get any simpler!

  • VeloBind Binding Strips

    Designed for use with the DeskTop VeloBind, VeloBind Binding Strips feature 4 pins that form a durable binding for up to 200 A4 sheets. Available in 4 colours, the strips are ideal for documents that need to be edited or updated as the pins simply unlock to add or remove pages and then re-close.

  • Desktop Velobinder Debinder Tool
    Desktop Velobinder Debinder Tool

    The Desktop VeloBinder is a simple debinder tool for use with GBC VeloBind systems. It will open a bound document should you need to adjust the contents and then rebind it.

  • S/B DEBINDER EX 9749310
    S/B DEBINDER EX 9749310

    Binding doesn't get any simpler!


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