This manual finisher makes binding presentations quick and easy with minimal fuss. Left handed lever operates with an easy pull and push motion.

  • Hand Lever: Controls hook opening position for loading and binding material
  • Binding control knob - enables you to lock the spine size settings for faster operation.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • UPC: 033816045439
  • Colour: Black

The GBC 16DB is a manual comb binder which is so simple to use, and is robust, portable and highly productive.

This compact comb finisher is capable of producing up to 150 books per hour in A4 or A5 format.

It uses hand lever controls to hook open the comb into position for loading and binding of your comb document.

When you are binding more than one document of the same comb size the binder control knob enables you to adjust and set the comb to the optimum position for repeated operation, thus increasing productivity.

The 16DB is a robust yet portable unit and is ideal for everyday high volume use.

GBC 16DB2 Manual Comb Binder
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