This machine's manual operation and universal handle makes wire binding easy for all users in any setup or situation: at your desk, on a table or at a workstation. Adjustable knobs ensure that spines close evenly for a polished look.

  • Strong Metal Handle: Allows for accurate closing of the wire
  • Clear Wire Capacity Selector Graphics:Ensures a quality crimp
  • Easy to operate left and right spine closing adjustment knobs for complete closure control
  • Durable, heavy duty design
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • UPC: 033816027480

The GBC MC12 is a durable A4 manual Wire closer with clear wire capacity selector graphics and simple closing adjusters. The MC12 provides an alternative and more portable binding option to the Modular TL2900.

The MC12 is easily adjustable so you can tailor each document size for the perfect bind. Even though the machine is small and compact the MC12 has a strong metal construction for durability

Any wire size is possible with the versatile machine as the MC12 can close the complete range of the wire sizes (3:1 and 2:1 Pitch) from No. 3 - No. 20.

The MC12 can be used with any GBC wire punching unit.

MC12 Wire Finisher
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